Voting Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to sign in to vote?
In order to create a more fair voting atmosphere, we are limiting voters by asking them to register with one of the services that we are using to authenticate voters and reduce the number of times someone can vote each day. The alternative is a voting environment in which automated voting could take place.
What if I don’t have an account with one of the listed services?
Each of the listed services are free to setup a new account! It takes a few extra minutes, but helps to ensure a fair voting atmosphere for all of our changemakers.
How many votes has each changemaker received?
We are not publishing vote counts for each changemaker. All votes must be manually vetted by a committee to ensure that no automated voting has taken place. In the event that we must invalidate automated votes, there would be no way to go back and adjust published vote counts. Since knowing how many votes different changemakers have received may bias some voters, we do not want to risk publishing invalid vote counts. We will only announce the final winner once voting has closed.
What about the numbers above the Facebook and Twitter button? Are those vote counts?
Those buttons only display how many times a person has clicked them to share that they voted with their friends on Facebook and/or Twitter. Those buttons do not equal votes and do not have any effect on the voting process. The buttons are provided as a convenience to help voters spread the word about their favorite changemaker.
I signed in, but after being redirect back to the site, it still says I need to sign in. What do I do?
If you don’t see a standard button under each changemaker that you can click to vote, then click the refresh button in your browser. If this still doesn’t work, please contact for technical support.
Are you really going to do all the things Facebook warns me about when I try to sign in with it?
No. Facebook’s default message includes many different actions that we will not do. This default message is intended to get your attention so that you don’t authenticate with an untrusted website. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to change this message to accurately reflect that we are only using Facebook to authenticate that you are a real person.
Why is there a missing email field when I try to sign-in using Google?
There is an error with Google Accounts where, on subsequent sign-ins, your email field may be blank. If this is the case, just click the “Sign in as different user” link under the “Sign In” button and you’ll be able to enter in your details.