• If there is one thing in life more powerful than gratitude, it’s the ability to invest time, effort and resources into the dreams of others. In doing so, something beyond great is realized. The outcome of such selfless investment can be only described as EPIC.

    This November 19, 2010, Epic Thanks Tampa Bay will take place as a celebration of all for which we are thankful. RSVP now for the event.

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Nominations Have Ended

First of all THANK YOU! Thank you all for nominating some absolutely mind blowing local

changemakers. Seeing just how giving the community is puts a huge smile on my face and makes me proud to live where I do. Secondly, the open nominations are officially closed. Over the next several days a the chosen committee will sort through all of the nominations to weed out the ones that do not qualify and yes there are a few. Coinstar may make change (LOL), but that’s not the sort of changemaker we are looking for although that nomination gave all of us a chuckle.

Stay tuned because on September 10, 2010 we will be announcing the top 5 changemaker nominations and will have an open voting session where YOU get to vote on who becomes our local changemaker.

Once again, thank you all for spreading the word, nominating some extremely amazing people and following all that we at Epic Thanks Tampa Bay are doing!

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Wanted: Nominations For Local Changemakers

Epic Thanks Tampa Bay is about more than just one person or cause. It’s about a community coming together to support one another as we strive to change the world one changemaker at a time. Epic Thanks Tampa Bay is currently seeking nominations for local Bay area changemakers doing something extraordinary for others. This could be something as simple as running a food bank for the less fortunate within the community that with a little extra money and a team of people supporting their cause they could make a larger impact, feed more people and in the end change more lives.

Epic Thanks Tampa Bay

Do you know that changemaker? Do you know that person that isn’t looking for recognition, but spends every extra minute that they can keeping their efforts going? Are YOU that local changemaker we are seeking? If you are or do know of someone, now is YOUR opportunity to speak up for an opportunity that could very possibly change their lives and their efforts for the better.

How does this work? It’s pretty simple. We have an open nomination through August 31. You can submit your nomination via our website (epicthankstampabay.com/nominate) or mail to:

Epic Thanks Tampa Bay
P.O. Box 47915
St. Petersburg, FL 33743-7915

Once the nominations are closed we will open up a public voting round, but more on that later because we want YOUR nominations!

Be sure to keep up with what we are doing on Twitter (@EpicThanksTampa) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/EpicThanksTampa)

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